Group of Domain Names At Auction At Namejet Gets a $2.1 Million Bid

The group of premium domain names that are in the extended auction from the auction on now has a bid in excess of $2 Million dollars.

The group of domain names is highlighted by

In addition to the other domain names included in the lot being auctioned off are,,,, and

If you bid on you are bidding on the entire list of 7 domain names.

The high bid on the group of domain names now at $2.1 million dollars.

The reserve has not been hit for the auction which closes in this coming Thursday on

The reserve is stated on as “Greater than $1,000,000” so the next bid could win so could have the $2.1 million bid when it was placed. estimates the value of that group of domains to be valued for more than $3.2 Million.


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