10 notable sales on NameJet last month

These ten notable domain names sold on NameJet last month.

NameJet sold 122 domain names last month at $2,000 or above for a total of just over a half million dollars. The top reported sale was eLuxury.com for $35,200.

As I do every month, I’m calling out some of the sales I think are worth mentioning:

eLuxury.com $35,200 – This high sale price must have something to do with the domain’s prior usage.

Kalos.com $5,100 – Kalos is a region in Pokemon X & Y. It also has other uses and a number of domain names have the term Kalos in them.

CyberSecurity.net $4,701 – A domain name for which .net makes sense.

Tendinitis.com $4,200 – At first blush, this seems like a low price for a common ailment. But there are two spellings of this word (the other being TendOnitis.com), and perhaps that makes the domain fail the radio test.

SmartLight.com $3,500 – I’m writing this post from Vegas where I’m attending CES. Smart lights are all around. The question is how much this particular domain is worth. All of the smart lights have a brand attached to them, such as Philips Hue. Maybe a site about smart light options? That might do better on SmartLights.com. Overall, a solid domain at a reasonable price.

DizzCloud.com $2,600 – This one is a bit of a head-scratcher. It looks like it used to be a file sharing website. At least one page on the site has been removed from Google thanks to a DMCA complaint.

Pensioner.com $2,380 – I believe this is a common term in the UK for retired people who are receiving their pension.

OnlinePOS.com $2,322 – A descriptive domain name for a point of sale service.

ProcessAutomation.com $2,112 – Lots of ads and search results for this one, although the full term appears to be Business Process Automation.

GearWorks.com $2,100 – A solid brandable domain name.

Source: DomainWire.com

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