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LED FLASHLIGHT.COM is an excellent domain for:

• A website selling a variety of brands, models and sizes of LED FLASHLIGHT to monetize with paid advertising, affiliate ads, Amazon affiliate, AdSense.

• For an established online LED FLASHLIGHT company currently without a category-defining domain such as LED FLASHLIGHT .com to NOW own this premium name to solidify its authority in the industry.

• An online magazine/publication providing the latest news, advice, and comparisons and reviews of LED FLASHLIGHT.

The LED FLASHLIGHT industry has completely revolutionized the flashlight and lighting industry where old incandescent flashlight was the norm. The FLASHLIGHT industry is now all about LED technology!

The LED FLASHLIGHT is one of the biggest commercial, industrial and consumer product used everywhere in the world — by law enforcement, first responders, the military, by doctors examining patients throats on annual physicals, mechanics working on your car, for recreational purposes such as hiking, hunting and camping and many more uses!

It is nearly indestructible under normal use, is more environmentally friendly, can be waterproof, and emits purer, truer light. With all of these advantages it’s clear that LED technology is lighting our way to a brighter future.

LED FLASHLIGHT.Com is here for that company, or entrepreneur who is willing to work smart, and hard to try to tap into this industry for themselves!

Can you hear it? BOOM BOOM BOOM — it’s opportunity knocking on your Internet door – which is every entrepreneur’s door, every investor’s/domainer’s door!


  • Aged, .Com TLD (top level domain)
  • Exact Match Searches 33,100 per month (Source: Google Keyword Planner)
  • Category-Defining
  • Estibot Valuation: $223,000
  • Incredible opportunity for the right developer,investor or end user!

Why your brand should invest in a category-defining domain name?

Many companies have also realized that owning category-defining domain names can boost their existing brands by allowing them to capture online traffic that they might not otherwise receive. For example, whenever internet users type the domain into their browsers, they are directed to, Citi’s mortgage page.

PetSmart is another example of a company that uses generic domain names: It owns,,,, and, all of which point to PetSmart’s website. CBS Interactive owns,,, and others; SalesForce owns; Barnes & Noble owns and These are just a few examples of brands that are using category-defining domain names to capture additional online traffic and boost their business.

To reiterate, category-defining domain names can be great digital assets to marketers and brand owners, whether they use them to augment their existing brands or to launch new brands. The downside (or the upside if you are one of the lucky ones to own one) is that there is a limit to the number of valuable category-defining domains that exist in the current domain name space. In other words, there is only one, and L’Oreal owns it — meaning Estée Lauder, Sephora, and other cosmetics companies cannot own it.



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